Wednesday, February 22, 2012

States' Rights vs. Individual Rights

I have an essay up over at in which I argue that the "States' Rights" argument for the Confederate secession is an argument that sides with the prerogatives of the state over the inalienable rights of the individual. This has ruffled some feathers within the libertarian community, despite its veracity. If a state has a right of exit that individuals in that state do not (through no crime of their own) then clearly the state's "rights" are preferred over those of the individual.

This doesn't sit well with people who claim that the South was somehow fighting for liberty. Southern "liberty" was a false one because, within a rights framework, a man does not have the liberty to enslave another man.

You'd think people who define their politics as one of liberty would understand that.

Read it here.

bellum medicamenti delenda est


TGervasi said...

Mr. Blanks, Your OpEd on Confederate apologist in Libertarian circles was on point and brilliant. I read it and enjoyed it a few weeks ago, but I had in no way imagined this "Confederate" strain was that prevalent... Until this morning, when I stumbled onto a landmine over at all places Mises.Org, in a piece written by Lew Rockwell on Thomas DiLorenzo's new book, in which he ranted against Lincoln. I thought Lew Rockwell makes much sense on tons of issues, so it was a little disenchanting reading this. I did a little digging, I have to say both Rockwell and DiLorenzo had many valid points in criticizing Lincoln and his "diefication" if you will, but I think some very invalid and disturbing points in defending the Confederates. In reading his piece criticizing Glenn Beck's interpretation of Lincoln, I'm getting a little seasick reading, among other things, DiLorenzo's praise for the Confederate Constitution. He goes so far as to say the U.S. Constitution was a document that protected slavery... I think Frederick Douglass would disagree with that statement. Stumbling onto this has given me a new appreciation for your OpEd. Anyway, I'm sure you have delved into this subject deeper. Besides what you have already articulated in your piece, what's your take on all of this? On Lincoln for example?

Anna said...

Mr. (Dr.?) Blanks, you are my hero. I always had a sense of this idea that Lew Rockwell, et al. basically argue that state's rights trump human rights but I had neither the intellect nor the time to put anything in writing, and could never have done so as excellently and eloquently as did you. Thank you so very much