Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear HRC,

Let me tell you what I tell neo-confederates who still fly that damned battle flag,


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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jesse, McLaughlin, and Obama

Over the weekend, WaPo reprinted a story from the online offshoot of the Post dedicated to black issues--which lamented that black people collectively aren't ready for a black president. The article was in response to Jesse Jackson's very public aside in which he stated he wanted to cut Sen. Obama's nuts out/off. If anyone isn't ready for a black president, it would be the muckrakers searching for someone to say something deemed inappropriate and other fools who can't seem to let the old guard go.

Today, John McLaughlin is being critcized for using "oreo" to describe Sen. Obama. As the story reads--I have not seen the taping-- it appears that he was using the term in the context of what Rev. Jackson may think of the junior Illinois senator, in which case it seems to me to be completely appropriate. (I'd like to know the answer, honestly.)

Maybe McLaughlin's comment was out of line--maybe it wasn't. I'm inclined to think he may just be another white victim -- yeah, I said it -- of the P.C. class determined to find evidence of racism where there may or not be any. Such "gotcha" journalism and overreaction detracts from legitimate objections to race-baiting, racism, and other overt prejudice.

But for far too long, Jesse has been getting a pass from just about everybody. As the self-appointed black leader for so many years, he's been able to slime his way into public settings and speak as the de facto voice of all American blackdom. He, as well as the elder leadership of the NAACP, has spent more time pandering to Democrats and working more for his own gain than exhibiting any true leadership. Yet, his imagined authority endures...

From his 'hymietown' quote in the 80s, to his embezzling of funds from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to pay for his illegitimate offspring, Jesse gets mulligan after mulligan for, as far as I can tell, being close to MLK in the 60s. His time, if he ever had one, has passed.

Maybe now, finally, we can all move on from Jesse and give this mulligan to McLaughlin.

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