Monday, July 22, 2013

Southern Avenger, RIP

Jack Hunter has resigned from Senator Paul's staff and retired the moniker "The Southern Avenger." I don't revel in this because I never called for his job. But barring a full explanation of what exactly he repudiates from his years of race-baiting and Southern apologia, this is probably for the best. I am glad that he took the extra step of distancing himself from the moniker and I hope he lands somewhere he can be useful and further distance himself from his controversial past.

UPDATE: Uh, you know, this guy may just be a horrible human being. More from the Washington Free Beacon.On criticism of the movie, The Patriot, in which a South Carolina landowner fights for liberty but neglects to mention that teeny little problem the South had with liberty for all:
“Let’s convince the producers of the Patriot to reshoot a scene in which Spike Lee and [then-NAACP head] Kweisi Mfume are both tied to trees while Mel Gibson whips the hell out of them,” Hunter continued. “Mr. Lee and Mr. Mfume will get the pity they so desperately desire, and millions of Americans—especially the Southern Avenger—will get a real kick out of watching them squirm.”
Get it? Tying niggers to trees and whipping them for expressing an opinion is high comedy to this naive young man of...26. I'm sure since it's just talking about a movie about whipping them it's not really  racist. I mean, it's not like he wants vengeance for anythi....oh.

bellum medicamenti delenda est


Andy said...

It's called irony. Spike Lee, if he wasn't before, has become one of the most insufferable celebrities around. It would be different if SA got "a kick" out of just any black man being whipped. Or do you not see differences between different black people?

JPB said...

Stay classy, Andy.

Andy said...

Seriously. Do you not understand how you misrepresented an integral part of his point? Do you think that all movie or tv violence can or should elicit the same reaction, or at least if it is objectively the same action? Does context not matter at all?

JPB said...

The context is the problem, genius.