Monday, November 22, 2010

Mood Music Monday

A driving noise was coming from the office next to mine Friday afternoon, so I went to check it out. It was this song--a throwback bluesy rock track with a dark side. In short, I love it.

I haven't sampled the rest of their catalog yet--I'm not sure it can live up to this song, and given iTunes users ratings, the rest of that album probably falls well short of it. But I'll definitely check the rest out when I get a moment. Til then, I give you the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:

If that's not your thing, perhaps you'll enjoy what at least one researcher claims to be the first Rock n' Roll song ever recorded. (Shocker: Elvis covered it.)


bellum medicamenti delenda est.


The Dude said...

Led Zeppelin use to include "That's Alright" when they would do "Whole Lotta Love" medleys at live performances.

PolicyChick said...

Excellent tune, but nothing beats this -