Monday, October 4, 2010

Goose, Gander, and Whatnot

So I'm going through my Twitter feed this morning and a conservative IU alum I follow retweeted the following video from Americans for Prosperity. Now, I would imagine the title of the video is misleading, but no more misleading than the accusations that racism 'dominates' the heart of the Tea Parties. You see, when you get thousands of people together, you're gonna have a certain number of crazies that seem to justify the worst fears of the march's opponents.

Granted, the racists at the Tea Parties aren't this organized.

I'm not saying the Left's agenda is avowedly Socialist, as the economically illiterate morons in this video evidently are. I'm just saying before you get on your high horse and start accusing one side of being one thing because a braying yahoo holds up a sign, it doesn't mean that everyone around them buys into their nonsense.

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