Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Seeks Help From... AL SHARPTON?!?!

WASHINGTON—With his wavy bouffant and medallion necklaces, the Rev. Al Sharpton famously confronted government officials on behalf of black Americans. Now he has found a new role: telling black leaders to quiet their criticisms and give the government a chance.

President Barack Obama has turned to Mr. Sharpton in recent weeks to answer increasingly public criticism in the black community over his economic policy. Some black leaders are charging that the nation's first African-American president has failed to help black communities hit hard by the downturn, leaving party strategists worried that black Democrats will become dispirited and skip November's congressional elections.
Two things came screeching to mind when I read this.

1) If Obama is seeking help from Rev. Al, "desperate" doesn't quite cover his mood.

2) Assuming he asked Jesse first--and I can only imagine he would, contentious past notwithstanding--Jesse is either sick or he told the president to go [hum to] himself.

Any way you slice it, this is not a good sign for the administration just over one year into the term.

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