Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Senility Committee Drops Some Constitutional Knowledge...

...on the floor.

So, Chairman Conyers, where exactly does Congress get the constitutional authority to mandate health insurance purchase?

The "Good and Welfare Clause," you say. That's interesting. That must be somewhere between the "Good and Plenty" clause which gives us the right to concessions at the cinema and the "'Good Times' Welfare" clause that guarantees 'Good Times' star Jimmy 'J.J.' Walker walk-on cameos in bad television shows and movies until the day he dies.

Seriously, as several of us in the office discussed, that a member of Congress is ignorant of the Constitution is hardly surprising. Indeed, Congresspeople have mentioned to our staffers that they need to/would like to read the Constitution, but haven't yet found the time. But this, of course, is not a random member--John Conyers is the Chairman of the House Judiciary committee.

It would be funny if not so damned pathetic.

Conyers needs to step down and retire. I don't doubt that deep down in that old mind he meant to say General Welfare clause. And not because of his tortured reading of the clause, Conyers needs to step down because anyone who has followed the committee knows he's not with it anymore. He needs to let someone sharper, better, and more thoughtful takeover the committee (I would suggest Bobby Scott from the Dems' side) because the committee really has become a farce--and that is unacceptable no matter which party is in power.

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