Monday, November 9, 2009

Mood Music Monday

In addition to the 20th anniversary of perhaps the greatest single day of the 20th century, this is the one year anniversary of me quitting smoking. Woo, freedomz.

It very well may be that the most appropriate music for the day would be Winds of Change by the German band Scorpion or something by German superstar and official hero of bad American television David Hasselhoff (I refuse to link anything by him, look it up your damned self), and while I believe in free trade, any music composed after 1900 is not in the German's comparative advantage and thus I don't want to leave you with a negative impression of the German people.

So, in the spirit of freedom's triumph over tyranny and personal victory over addiction, I give you this uplifting song by the decidedly non-German "Ladies Love Cool" James Smith:

UPDATE: So, I had NO idea this interview existed, but check this interview with the baddest rapper in the history of rap itself here. Libertarians Love Cool James? H/T Mary Katharine Ham's twitter feed.


Richard said...

This could be just the Berlin Wall video you're looking for:

Amy Y said...

one year!! Congrats to you! :)