Friday, February 6, 2009

Anti-Stimulation Stimulus

My favorite line item potential project of the "Stimulus" bill:

Dayton, OH

Initiative to Reduce Prostitution-Off the Streets Program. This initiative would connect individuals involved in prostitution with resources to leave a life of prostitution.

This and many more useless and mind-bogglingly inefficient uses of your money can be found at

UPDATE: My hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana is looking to cash in on this. Some highlights:

$3m for fixing sewers along Ewing street. New jobs = .75

$3m for ditch digging to aid in flood prevention by Spy Run. New jobs = .75

$450k for "Beckman Drain Improvements," ostensibly more ditch digging. New jobs = .25

$500k for drainage improvements by Southtown. New jobs = .5

Grand Total= $6,950,000 for 2.25 jobs. How stimulating!

UPDATE II: A commenter friend of mine notes that these are not projects specifically in the stimulus bill. This is technically true, but as originally written, these were the projects asked for by state and local governments that went into the calculations to figure out how much they were going to steal, er, no...I mean redistribute...uh, no good either, I mean, uh, stimulate. Yeah, stimulate.

So while I shouldn't have said "line-item," it is not unfair or incorrect to say that these figures influenced the original stimulus package greatly.


BMoriarity said...

don't insinuate that these projects are actually in the American Recovery and Reinvestment plan. states

"These projects are not part of the stimulus bill."

did you see I became a fan of your blog? Now you've made it to the big times!!

BMoriarity said...

thanks for the update Blanks. At least we can now place the blame of some of the absurd spending propositions on our own state Governor or town Mayor. I feel as though we have more influence over our local government then those in D.C.