Friday, January 30, 2009

The Curse of Ron Paul's R3VOLUTION

Some people just don't know when to quit:
[Y]ou can bet Rep. Ron Paul will be running for the White House again, probably as a Republican. Not so much to actually win, mind you; RP runs to make a point about less government and foreign intervention.
Yes. I believe we've heard that before. We've also heard about how people who have worked for him in years past feel about the inherent criminality of D.C. residents and the "fleet-of-foot" hoodlums also known as black teens.

I believe Paul means well, honestly. But so many of his followers were as blind as they were loyal. Very much like the supporters of the man now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania, NW, the ultimate focus of the campaign was the man, not the message. Granted, when Paul spoke, it was more policy-oriented than mindless abstractions of "change"--but the result on his base was effectively the same: legions of starry-eyed, Kool-Aid swilling 20-somethings prating on about how the business of Washington has to change. Yawn.

Dr. Earmark, er, Dr. No cannot match the libertarian cred of better polished and more consistent candidates like Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and save the former's membership in the religion that believes in magic underpants*, no hint of racism from either one of them. They are younger, more articulate, and lack a cult of personality that is currently attached to everybody's favorite Texan goldbug.

*See Second Book of Nephi, Chap 5, v 14 & 20-22 in the book of Mormon

Ron Paul is too old, has too much baggage, and isn't a very compelling figure--despite what his wide-eyed followers would have you believe. (If you've never seen him debate or talk before, imagine a pipsqueak in middle school who likes to correct the teacher and combine that with a lovable grandpa that has recurring flashbacks to the days he was vibrant and relevant). It is time for him to step aside and let a younger generation of liberty-oriented individuals build on what he has been able to accomplish.

Only, in the future, let us not put the man before the message and remember: It's the liberty, stupid.

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This blog inspires no real commentary except to say the writer is an ignorant asshole and should go back to drawing with crayons.