Friday, December 26, 2008

You Can't be Serious

Wait, no, she is:

Lesbians and gays say that without gay marriage, they cannot fully express themselves as they really are. But what about bisexuals? I ask this not to poke fun or to hurt anyone's feelings, but in all seriousness. How does gay marriage help a bisexual? I assume that if you are bisexual, you believe that you need to have sexual relationships with both men and women. If you are a bisexual man married to a woman, don't you need to break the marriage bond to express your bisexuality? If you choose to express just the homosexual side of your bisexuality, then aren't you gay? Likewise, if you choose to express only the heterosexual side, how are you a bisexual? Why is bisexuality not a recipe for infidelity?
As I commented on Townhall, it does not follow that because someone is attracted to members of both genders that that person is incapable of maintaining a monogamous relationship with one or the other. As a heterosexual man, I am attracted to women--not woman, women. That said, I am perfectly capable of a monogamous relationship. Just because I am attracted to my girlfriend/wife "X" does not mean that I no longer find another woman attractive in similar or somewhat different ways, but my commitment is strong enough to "X" that I remain faithful, and can be perfectly happy doing so.

Screwing around with such straight-forward terms is disingenuous and is so fallacious it cannot be reasonably referred to as "debate."

H/T: Julian Sanchez

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