Monday, October 27, 2008

Mood Music Monday

Today, I woke up refreshed, proud of getting up when my alarm went off,...and an hour late.

I have an "Atomic Alarm Clock" that automatically sets itself, which is convenient when the power goes out or I take it on a trip. However, twice a year -- it's a pain in the ass. Today was one of those two days.

You see, when Congress muddled with the established Daylight Savings Time schedule a couple years ago, preexisting devices--such as my atomic clock--were programmed to "Fall back" or "Spring forward" on certain days. These days are now different--but nobody bothered to tell my alarm clock.

This is something I should plan for/be aware of--except that I'm from Indiana and am still a relative newcomer to this whole changing clocks thing. /annoyed.

Anyway, as my day went to crap the moment I looked at my cell phone, realizing it was an hour later than I expected, I submit "Blue Monday" by Fats Domino:

For you younger/less blues inclined readers, another "Blue Monday" that is nothing like the above:

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