Thursday, May 8, 2008

Message to HRC and DNC: Beware the 'New N***** Rule'

In spite of her defeat in the North Carolina primary Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton is staying in the race for the Democratic nomination. At this point, her only hope is to convince the remaining uncommitted "Superdelegates" to give her the edge over Barack Obama. However unlikely this may be, it is not impossible. The Clinton political machine is formidable and if it can be done, they can do it. If they accomplish the feat, it would be the most devastating blow to the Democratic party in generations.

Without question, the most loyal demographic constituency for the Democrats are blacks. Democrats have enjoyed overwhelming black support starting back in the 'New Deal' and they then solidified their hold on the black vote when the GOP openly courted disaffected southern Democrats after the Civil Rights Movement. That said, the relationship is not a permanent one.

If the Democratic Party were to appoint Senator Clinton over the democratically-elected Obama, many black people would view it (as what is called in some circles) as a 'new nigger rule.'
A NNR is a legal or administrative procedure which is enforced with benign pretense, yet has the demonstrable effect of abetting racism, prejudice, or otherwise just screwing the black guy. Historical examples include, but are not limited to, the Grandfather Clause, poll taxes, and literacy/constitutional knowledge tests to vote. (Notice how all of these are forms of disenfranchisement.)

Stripping away an otherwise rightfully won party election by established yet questionable means when it just HAPPENS to prevent the first major party nomination of a black candidate in our nation's history, more than a couple black people in this country are going to be enraged.

And understandably so.

If she were to snag the nomination from Obama, many black people would turn on the Democratic Party. Of this, I have little doubt. Does this mean blacks will come back to the GOP? Certainly not right away. The Republicans have a lot to answer for, and outreach is needed on their part. (Although, if McCain picks a well-respected black VP in the event of Clinton's nomination, I would imagine it would have a significant impact.)

But a--shall we say "disenchanted?"-- black electorate may stay home instead of voting for a party that so blatantly screwed Obama. Losing even part of such a solid voting base would be disastrous for the Democrats and, in all likelihood, would amount to throwing away a second consecutive Presidential election they should have won easily.

This election is the Democrats' to lose. If they choose Hillary, they will manage to alienate their most loyal supporters while simultaneously electrifying the conservative base by nominating perhaps the greatest Republican fund raiser in the nation.

Only they could be this stupid.

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