Monday, December 17, 2007

Kyoto II: Electric Boogaloo

Evidence that just because you're against (or in favor of, for that matter) Kyoto, doesn't mean that it is necessarily reflective of your feelings on the environment:

Just as Norwegian delegates to the UN's conference on climate change started heading home from Bali, came news that Norway's own carbon emissions rose 80 percent from 1990 to 2004.


Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg had to admit to newspaper Dagsavisen that he still uses an old-fashioned and emission-generating oil heater in his home, even though his own government is strongly encouraging Norwegian households to replace such heating systems.
Lefties from all over the globe are working to come up with another flaccid global treaty that promises nothing more than economic restrictions and growth retardation -- the most harmful effects to developing countries and poor people in Western countries -- while accomplishing virtually (or in this case, literally) nothing in the way of its stated goals of carbon reduction.

Being mindful of our environment and conserving energy and resources are good ideas. Setting arbitrary mandates and fostering economic hardship on the world's poor without positive results is bourgeois meddling at its finest -- and not coincidentally, most reflective of the socialist past of the enviro-left's proponents.

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