Sunday, November 11, 2007

Because Whites' Shit Don't Stink

I'm just too disgusted to write anything pithy about this:

Lisa Woods contacted us almost a year ago. She worked at Georgia-Pacific near Brunswick at the scaling house where truckers come to weigh their logs.

She says for months the restroom had a sign saying, "OUT OF ORDER." She alleges her co-worker, Anthony Lee, believed the races shouldn't mix. Lee had no comment.

An independent trucker, Donald Jones, says when he went to the scaling house he saw the same "OUT OF ORDER" sign.

Jones says, "I had to go off in the woods and do what I had to do."

But Lisa Wagner, a former security guard at the scaling house, says if a white truck driver came through, "No problem, no problem at all." Whites were invited to use the toilet, Wagner says.

Was the toilet really broken? First Coast News Jeannie Blaylock went to the scale house with a photographer to find out. She flushed the toilet and it seemed to be working just fine.

Coincidentally, I'm sure:

Several hours after our news crew stopped at the job site, Georgia-Pacific fired Woods.

Assuming that this story is as it seems, some would say that this is evidence that anti-discrimination legislation is necessary. I would argue that this is evidence that racists will get around whatever laws you throw at them. Laws are only as powerful as the people who respect and enforce them.

The challenge in race relations, and discrimination generally, is to get people to change their minds -- not just submit to some law they find contemptible.

My thoughts on job protection for homosexuals here; America's still-sorry state of race relations here and here (and make sure to check the comments).

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